Medimel has been welcoming patients from the UK through its doors for many years now and that’s largely because our reputation for providing an incredibly high quality of treatment at an affordable price continues to go from strength to strength.


Enjoying your own success story is an inevitable part of having surgery with us and we very much look forward to hearing you sing our praises in a similar way to these past patients very soon…

“Overall, I’m majorly impressed with the lady who did the surgery (Dr Ostrowska-Clark). Absolute perfectionist & very cheap too!”

“Would recommend her to anyone who wants it doing.”

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 "" Gynecomastia Testimonial on AF Board

“All in all I would 100% recommend Medimel to anyone. I’ve never experienced care or friendliness like I received there and Katarzyna (Dr Ostrowska-Clark) is fantastic at what she does and a lovely person too.”

“Anyone thinking about the op, don’t have any worries, just get speaking to them”

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 "" Gynecomastia Testimonial on UK Muscle

“Dr Clark arrived and took me to the operating room to remove my dressing – I saw for the first time in 12 years a lovely flat chest!”

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 Gynecomastia.Org Testimonial

“It’s evident from the first time you meet Dr Ostrowska-Clark you’re in very safe hands and it’s even more evident that when you choose Medimel you’ll get the results you want”

“I’m absolutely delighted I went down this route and I don’t think you’ll find better value for money surgery anywhere else in the world!”

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 "" Jake Wardell @ Gynecomastia Free

“Everything just falls into place once you’re here. It’s been great, my results are already fantastic and she really is a perfectionist”

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 Gynecomastia.Org Testimonial

“Just a few words of thanks and appreciation for the operation I had under Dr Clark. She knows what she’s doing. The operation changed my life”

 Gynecomasita.Org Testimonial

“I’m very pleased with the results thus far. If you are contemplating it (having surgery with Medimel) then don’t hesitate to get it booked!”

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 "" Muscle Talk Review of Medimel

“All I will say is that I definitely recommend Dr Clark, she did a great job. Better than paying £4500 over here (in the UK) and I got to experience Poland for a few days…”

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 "" Bodybuilding Forum Testimonial

“It was a very pleasant experience and I would recommend anybody who is considering surgery to look into the clinic”

  "" Testimonial

“It’s been a really simple and easy going experience and I can’t thank Dr Clark or sing her praises enough. She is so nice and funny and makes you feel like you’re just going for an eye test and not major surgery!”

“I’m very happy with her work, her aftercare and I really do wish her all the success. I encourage anyone thinking of getting it done (surgery) to have it done!”

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 Testimonial on Gynecomastia.Org


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