Enjoy Szczecin 


Szczecin, Poland’s seventh largest city sits conveniently just beyond the Berlin border – a fact that makes travelling to and from the clinic comfortable for all patients regardless of whether they’re pre-op or post-op.


Once you’re in the city you’ll be welcomed warmly by the locals who are generally very friendly and helpful as English people are very popular here.


You’ll also find a wealth of “home comforts” in the city centre and English is spoken far more here than anywhere else in Szczecin.


Within minutes of your hotel you’ll find the “Galaxy Mall” which houses dozens of famous brands (H & M, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s & Zara to name a few) and many of our patients have enjoyed shopping here due to the incredibly affordable prices!


Above all the shops you’ll find a food court that looks similar to any food court you’d find in the UK.


McDonald’s, KFC, Subway & Pizza Hut are all frequently seen in Szczecin and you’ll rarely pay more than £4 for a meal in any of these places.


There’s also an impressive cinema located inside the mall which screens all the latest US releases in English with Polish subtitles – expect to pay around £5 for a ticket if you fancy hitting the box office after your surgery.


In most cases, you’ll be free to explore the city shortly after you’ve been released from the clinic and you’ll no doubt be surprised by what you see in Szczecin.


Poland often gets an unfair reputation for being very “industrial” but those that have lived here or travelled extensively know that that’s a million miles away from the truth.


Szczecin is a city that’s shrouded in history. During World War II it was heavily used for its weapons industry until in a similar way to Berlin, the city was all but destroyed by air raids.


Obviously the city’s undergone massive redevelopment since then but the scars of battle still remain and as you walk around the city you’ll see numerous tributes and monuments to those lost in the war.


Aside from the history, there’s beautiful parks, forestry and rivers here, there and everywhere in Szczecin – you’ll never be too far away from seeing something that takes you pleasantly by surprise.


Combine all of the above with brilliant hotels and restaurants that can be enjoyed for a fraction of the cost of what you pay for quality in the UK and you have the makings of a very likeable place.


We know full well that Szczecin wouldn’t rank too high on most peoples lists of dream destinations but to date, that hasn’t stopped anyone from coming here and leaving with a highly positive view of the city.


We know you’ll be eager to leave the city after your surgery but that won’t be because Szczecin’s disappointed…






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