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"Where everything is Beautiful, and the service is Excellent

The Medimel Clinic offers a level of aesthetic surgery, class and personal care that is rarely seen elsewhere in Europe.

Offering a variety of world class treatments for both men and women, the Medimel Team invites you to leave your insecurities at the door and collect a new found self-confidence on your way out.

As we’re a clinic that prides ourselves on delivering quality over quantity, you can sleep easily in the run up to your visit with us in the knowledge that your health, well-being and comfort are our absolute priority.

The surgeon and her highly professional team know that their success depends on your success and therefore anything and everything that can be done to enhance the satisfaction of your stay is done with genuine love and care.

Patients of Medimel will enjoy the special attention to detail the clinic offers with not only its surgical procedures but also its personal touches.

The clinic is located on a quiet street in Szczecin, Poland and effortlessly transmits a feeling of peace, tranquillity and excellence thanks largely to the specially designed, spotless facility.

By limiting the amount of operations to just two a day, four days a week all the usual hassles and worries that come hand in hand with undergoing a cosmetic procedure have been removed.

Unlike other clinics in Europe, we don’t rush patients in and out, we don’t overcrowd our clinic and we never compromise on our incredibly high standards so complete commitment, privacy and peace of mind are guaranteed along with treatment that’s delighted UK, Polish, German, American & French patients alike.

If you’d like to add yourself to the list of delighted Medimel patients then you can make that all important first step today by using our safe and secure online booking form…

Just a 10% deposit is required to secure one of the eight limited spots we have available each week and you’ll be able to easily choose a time that’s convenient for you.

Of course it’s vitally important to us that you feel as though you’re in safe hands as nobody should undergo treatment with a doctor they don’t fully trust so if you’d like more information about the surgeon, the team, the clinic or the various treatment options available at Medimel then feel free to browse around the site and don’t hesitate to use the   Contact Us form if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing a happier, more beautiful you in the very near future…

The Medimel Team

Nowowiejska 1E
71-219 Szczecin Bezrzecze, Poland

+48 500 355 884