Katarzyna Ostrowska-Clark

Aesthetic surgery is a unique branch of medicine because in aesthetic surgery medical knowledge and technical capabilities are not enough - the Consultant Surgeon needs to have a sense of beauty, harmony and a sense of aesthetics. Only through a combination of all these factors will the effect of medical treatment satisfy both parties: the patient and the surgeon.


With my knowledge, experience, skills and artistic passion I help women to fulfill their dreams of beauty on a daily basis, and men to feel comfortable with their bodies. I am a specialist in general surgery with 17 years of experience in cosmetic surgery and I am a member of the Association of Polish Surgeons and The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery.

As a postgraduate I worked at Southmead Hospital in Bristol, England and also with a one-year contract as a general surgeon at Causeway Hospital, Coleraine, Northern Ireland. Additionally, I worked for nine years (afternoons and nights) at a private Plastic Surgery Center under the supervision of one of the best specialists in Poland, which allowed me to develop both my general surgery and aesthetic medicine skills. For 6 years I was an employee at the Second Department of General Surgery and Transplantation, Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, and I am currently a Consultant Surgeon in the Department of General Surgery, 109 Military Hospital in Szczecin. With my continuous development and upgrading of qualifications I attend numerous courses and congresses (in Europe, USA and South America) in the field of general surgery and plastic surgery. Our patients also come from all over the world, with some from the USA, Canada, France, Russia, North Africa and, of course, the UK, Germany and Poland.

During the preparation and fulfilment of any medical treatment it is important to create a special bond between the patient and the physician, which is of great importance for the entire course of treatment. Therefore, an important part of my job is the consultation, which promotes thorough mutual understanding, diagnosis of the patient's expectations and the building of trust. It is important to adhere to a principle derived from an old Hindu proverb: "You might not trust your own brother, your mother, or a friend, but you should always trust your doctor". (If you do not trust your doctor, you should not decide to have the procedure or surgery.)

My extra-mural activities and passions include raising my three children, looking after short-haired Weimaraner dogs, and art - now mostly as an admirer, but previously also as a painter.

Nowowiejska 1E
71-219 Szczecin Bezrzecze, Poland

+48 500 355 884