With a new, larger state of the art clinic which opened in 2015 Medimel are now looking to firmly establish their reputation as one of the best cosmetic surgery options in Europe.

The clinic is located just a few short minutes away from the first location and the 2.5M – 5M Zloty (£500,000 ­ £1,000,000) investment in the impressive new facility is set to wow patients from all over the world.

Dr Ostrowska­Clark, the consultant surgeon and owner of Medimel is incredibly excited about the future. This facility will serve patients of Medimel very well indeed.

Medimel has always been popular with patients due to its ability to combine a cosy feel with an “exclusive” one and that’s something that will be carried forward to the new clinic.

Many have said that Dr Ostrowska­Clark is a perfectionist when she’s operating but her drive to offer patients the best of the best runs way beyond the operating theatre.

Quality surgery needs to be complimented with a quality service and the new clinic is all about taking that “quality service” to a completely 

different level.Patients are able to enjoy even more privacy, comfort and convenience 

thanks to the unique layout of the clinic which has been designed by Dr Ostrowska­Clark herself.

In the latter half of 2014 we were featured in the high­end lifestyle magazine HYPERLINK "http://dolcevitadiamond.co.uk/contact/" Dolce Vita alongside several other well­renowned private clinics across the EU 

and beyond.

The two­page spread was written by Jeremy Clark and it did an excellent job of drawing men’s attention too gynecomastia – a problem that demoralizes thousands and thousands of men worldwide. As Dr Ostrowska­Clark continues to solidify her reputation as one of the best and most knowledgeable sources of information in the area of gynecomastia Medimel will look to deliver that expertise in different ways.

There is a YouTube video with an in­depth discussion between Jake Wardell & Dr Ostrowska­Clark already online. When Jake Wardell came to the clinic in July 2014, he agreed to let a team of professional cameramen video a lot of his time in Szczecin, specifically on the day of the operation. Prior to his arrival, the Medimel team and Jake had agreed that allowing people to live as much of the experience from the comfort 

of their own homes would perhaps remove many of the concerns a lot of people have prior to having surgery abroad. He explains this in a little more detail...“Obviously I wasn’t in love with the idea of having a camera in front of me at first but I’ve been wanting to change the perception of a few things when it comes to gynecomastia and that was a big step in the right direction. Firstly, I wanted to take the edge off the embarrassment off it. I figured if my story was out there for all to see it would one, encourage more people not to feel that uncomfortable talking about it and two, I’d have the weight off me for good as the cat would be well and truly out of the bag. So, that’s how that idea came around. I currently have no idea how it looks on camera but I can tell you this – when I look calm and comfortable, I am calm and comfortable. When I look nervous and worried, I am genuinely nervous and worried. I can’t act to save my life.” The breakthroughs aren’t just in video however – old fashioned words written down will offer patients the chance to get their hands on more valuable information both before and after the surgery at no extra cost. Jake explains this in further detail... “There’s 3 key elements to getting yourself free of gynecomastia. There’s the bit before the operation where you have to work up the courage to book it, there’s the operation itself and then there’s the fairly lengthy recovery process and it’s that last part where I feel we can really make a difference. I’ve been spending a lot of time researching what your best course of action is after you’ve had the surgery and tested numerous things on myself as I make my way through to the six­month mark where your best results should be apparent."

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71-219 Szczecin Bezrzecze, Poland

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