The Nurses 


Dorota Wójcik

She's been with us for five years now and we hope she stays for many more as both the surgeon and the patients know they're in great hands when Dorota is in the clinic.Dorota  also has the best part of decades in nursing and we consider ourselves very fortunate to have her as she's also valuable member of the nursing team in the intensive care ward at the Cardiac Surgery Clinic in Szczecin.

In her spare time you'll find her enjoyging a typical Polish life style with her close friends and family.






Agnieszka Komosa

Four years ago a second Agnieszka joined our nursing stuff and it will come as no suprise to you that her credentials are equally as impressive as the first Agnieszka!

Nurse Komosa also rotates her time between Medimel and the Intensive Care Unit at the Cardiac Surgery Clinic.

She specializes in emergency nursing so like allle of nurses, she's prepared and qualifed to deal with a broad range of situations.

She belives in "healthy body, healthy mind" and is what you might call "fitness enthusiast" amongst the Medimel team.

She has an unorthodox passion for American Football too...




Lucyna Trusów-Zdzikot

Back in 1975 Lucyna started her career as a nurse in the testing Thoracic. Heart & Vascular Surgery Department in one of Szczecin's biggest hospitals.

Six years later she moved to work at the Cardiac Surgery Clinic and it wasn't until 2008, 27 years after she'd started working there that she made the move to Medimel where she's noww been for four years.

Her passion for nursing and patient care still shines nearly forty years on and she clearly loves working for Medimel as she's just moved into the city centre to be closer to the clinc!

She finds her new life "in the city" fascinating and opted for a small village just outside the city centre so she could pursue favourite hobby - gardening.





Katarzyna Józwiak

Katarzyna completes the nursing team at Medimel.

Over 20 years ago, Katarzyna was a teacher in a special-needs school here in Poland but she decided the nursing was the career path for her.

19 years of experience later she's now a fully qualified specialistin emergency nursing and has made a significant contribution to ensuring that Medimel has and mainrains an exellent reputation for post-surgery after care.

Her two childern keep her very busy outside the clinic and they're often found on the slopes of Polish mountains skiing!




The Scrub Nurse ...

Maria Bytner

Konown to all the Medimel staff as Dr Ostrowska-Clark's "right hand woman". Maria quickly made herself an indispensable part of the team when she joined Medimel on day one.

She's been there tirelessly helping Dr Ostrowska-Clark keep everything from the recovery room to the surgical theatre absolutley spotless for years and though Maria's work is subtle, it pays a hage role in making Medimel the comfortable experience it is.

Maria graduated from medical school in 1977. She gained her initial experience as a scrub nurse at the 109 Military Hospital in Szczecin.

She stayed for a while and pursued a career in the banking industry throughout the 90's.

She returned to the 109 Military Hospital in 2003 in the department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery as a scrub nurse.

The difference this time round was that she knew this was the only career for her.

Her work as a scrub nurse was always near-flawless but now with an increased set of skills it's somehow even closer to perfection.

The Anaestheists...

They're in charge of making sure your operation in pain-free and you're safely administered the right amount of anaesthetic so you drift nicely off to sleep before your operation.

At Medimel we use three different anaesthetists as their work is highly sought-after in Poland.

Renata Stanek


Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin back in 1991.

In 1998 the passed the Consultancy Exam and obtained the title of "Specialist in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care" and her credentials have continued to strengthen since then.

In fact, her list of qualifications is quite staggering.

She has an MBA (Master of Buisness Administration) from the West Pomeranian Buisness School in Szczecin. It was obtained in 2003.

She received her PhD in medicne just a few years later.

She worked as an anaesthesist at the department of Cardiac Surgery at the Teaching Hospital severaltimes - all so young anaesthetist can learn from her exellence.

She's also taken advantage of her EU passport and worked in France.

She co-owns a successful travelbusiness that has allowed her to pursue one of her passions and in the very near future we expect her to attend art school whwere she'll pursue another.

Sometimes you do have to wonder whether there's anything Renata can't do!

Tomasz Nikodemski

"Thomas" is a consultant anaesthesiologist and a specialist in anaesthesia and intensive care.

When he's not working for us, he works in the Department of Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care Unit of Acute Poisoning at the second clinical hospital at the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin.

1989 was the year he received his doctor's degree and by 1995 he obtained the title of "Consultant in Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care".

Like all brilliant Polish anaesthetists he has worked elswhere in the EU. Tomasz opted for Edinburgh and enjoyed a successful year there where he furhered cemented himself as a top anaestheist.

Even now, he continues to learn and regulary attends conferences and courses on both a local and international scale.

Adam Gorzelany

Adam graduated as an anaesthetist from the Pomeranian Medical University in 1997 and spent a third of his time studying in the US.

This led him to doing his residency training in the Severe Burns Treatment & Plastic Surgery Centre in Gryfice, Poland. It is to this day one of the largest departments of its kind.

He's been a specialist since 2005 and after he passed the licensing exam he decided to return to the Pomeranian Medical University to work.

Adam recently travelled to Haiti to selflessly offer his expertise to anyone that needed help during the 2010 disaster and has since decided that he'd love to do more volunteer work.






Meet Marta Mirek ...

Marta is the woman in charge of sanitary-hygiene and the overall appearance of the Medimel clinic.

it's her job to make the place sparkle and it's one that anyone that has visited the clinic will tell you she does very well as the place looks more like a hotel than a clinic!

She's entrusted with numerous responsibilitties around the clinic and many ways she's the "unsung hero" of the Medimel team.

She loves to cook and is one of the loveliest people you could ever wish to meet!




Meet Magdalena Krajewska

Known as Magda to the Medimel team and patients, she's the friendly face that everyone sees when they walk trough the doors of the clinic for the first time.

Magda is a well-organised mother-of-two and the manager of our clinic and works with enthusiasm and responsibility. She graduated in Buisness Management and is involved in

activities aimed at promoting and representic the clinic. The clinic runs smoothly thanks to Magda's dedication and organization.


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