Welcome to our clinic

As has been said from ancient times: “healthy body, healthy mind, and with a beautiful body even healthier”. Our well-being is primarily the  result of satisfaction with ourselves. The more we like ourselves the 

happier we are. Cosmetic surgery enables us to achieve this coveted state.  Thanks to its methods and in proper hands the surgeon can freely change  the "map" of our body, which should give us great satisfaction.

The wish for healing has always been half of health.

The Medimel clinic is a place where our patients not only get professional medical care and applications from the highest quality equipment from renowned brands, but also a calm and peaceful atmosphere. 

Our new, larger, clinic (3000 sq.m.) consists of five major areas: (1) reception, (2) consultation rooms and conference centre, (3) operation rooms and nurses quarters, (4) resting areas and bedrooms, and (5) 

additional service areas for cosmetics or massage. All are furnished with the latest equipment and design, and the walls are decorated with paintings forming an art gallery. In addition to full professionalism and commitment, our patients can count on excellent care, a harmonious atmosphere, comfort and complete privacy.

As the most important thing for us is the well-being of the patient, we perform only one or two operations a day - so that we provide comprehensive care and all the time we are at the patients disposal.

At the aesthetic medicine clinic Medimel in Szczecin the following operations are performed:

• eyelid correction,

• breast enlargement,

• breast reduction,

• breast-plasty,

• gynecomastia,

• abdominoplasty,

• lip enlargement,

• fat transplants

• labiaplasty,

• otoplasty,

• liposuction,

• Botox,

• Restylane,

• radio-lift


• scar reduction,

• removal of birthmarks, varicose veins, skin bumps, ingrown nails.

Our goal is to find the route to beauty and full satisfaction of our patients with full support, all expected help, and peace and security at every stage of treatment. We strive to achieve this goal. Feedback from our patients shows that most often we are successful, and we are very proud of this achievement.

We will give you uncompromising attention to detail, and provide safety and comfort during operations, professionalism and high quality treatment.

Nowowiejska 1E
71-219 Szczecin Bezrzecze, Poland

+48 500 355 884